2014 - October. Hong Kong. China Arts Projects Gallery in Sheung Wan.

         'Family' a solo exhibition.

2014 - October. Hong Kong. Pink Season Art Factory. Azure Restaurant slash Bar. 

2015 - March. Cape Town, South Africa.


2015 - May. Nowra, Australia. 


2015 - October. Denpesar, Bali.


2015 - October. Hong Kong. Voxfire Gallery.in Sheung Wan

          'Another side of Me'  solo exhibition

2016 - March. Hong Kong. 'The Space' Gallery, Sheung Wan.

          'The American Women's association of Hong Kong.' -  a group exhibition.

2016 - August. Graz, Austria. 

           Strong Women. 


2016 - October. Hong Kong. 'Dream like bubbles' Gallery. Kennedy Town

          'Gender Identity' -  a solo exhibition.

2017 - June. Hong Kong. Clifford Chance - Arcus LGBT pride art exhibition.

          Clifford Chance - Pride exhibtion Hong Kong

2017 - October Hong Kong.  The Barber's Basement Gallery. Central.

         Why Not Here? - a solo exhibition